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1. What is the Drivers Education State Requirement for teens under 18 yrs. old?
A: Classroom (30 hours) + Behind the Wheel (6 hours) with a DOT certified instructor. Plus complete 50 hours practice driving with an adult license driver over 21 years of age. Course takes 6 to 8 weeks to complete.

2. What is the cost of A+ Clark's Driver Program?
A: A Special Discount is given when the teenager enrolls in the complete package for Classroom and BTW.  $500.00 - $50.00 = $450.00 + 4.5% = $470.25

3. Can I take the Classroom only or BTW only?
A: Yes. Classroom only cost $250 + 4.5% Tax = $260.00. BTW only cost $300 + 4.5% Tax = $315.00

4. Can a driver sign up for more driving hours after the basics?
A: Yes, a driver may sign up for additional sessions based on need or upon request.

Adult Programs:
We offer 6-hour or 12-hour package programs. The average new driver takes the 6-hour program. Those adults who have little experience or do not have practice opportunities select the 12-hour program. We provide a pick-up & drop-off service for all private drives.

5. What aides does A+ offer that help new drivers learn faster?
A: First, a patient, experienced instructor. Second, A+ has designed an in-car book program to assist new drivers in understanding driver concepts. This booklet is full of diagrams and examples for optimum student learning. This booklet is unique and used only by A+ Clark's.

6. Does A+ offer Road Test Assistance for Teens and Adults?
A: Yes. We provide the vehicle and an instructor to accompany student to the testing center. A week advance notice is required for all testing. Our professional services are designed to give driver some practice prior to taking the test. We charge $50 per hour. Drivers should make an appointment, it takes less time and money. All DMV testing requires 4 hr. minimum ($200).  To test in Waianae, it's $250.  To make a road test appointment go to (www.honolulu.gov)

7. How many students are in the vehicle when student is Driving?
A: All drives are private, one to one.

8. Tell me about the cars used for driving students.
A: We use, a Chevy HHR, and 2 Toyota Scions. All cars are equipped with an extra instructor brake. A+ is the first to use a "Student Driver" sign on top of the vehicle, which is visible to all drivers, 360 degrees. Safety is our number one priority. The sign is to alert all drivers that a new driver is in the area and courtesy is appreciated.

9. How are drives Behind the Wheel structured?
A: A+ has designed a system of Progressive Lesson Series. We teach this system in four, 1 1/2 hr. sessions. The sessions have been designed to teach safe, responsible and defensive techniques to insure a lifetime of good defensive driving habits. Our goal is to develop safe and responsible drivers.

10. Is a "permit to drive" required to take the driver education course?
A: For the classroom section, No. However, to make an appointment to start the driving portion of driver education, a permit is required by law.

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